StrassenEngel e.V. is a registered association that supports homeless and needy people in Hanau and the area of the Main-Kinzig-Kreis. On a regular basis, we organise events where we hand out food, clothes, shoes, sanitary products etc. We try to give aid where it is needed the most.


You can support us by donating money or food, drinks, clothes, shoes, sanitary products, sleeping bags, blankets etc.


Donations account:

Strassenengel e.V.  

Sparkasse Hanau

DE 10 5065 0023 0020 1185 50



Sabine Assmann, founder of StrassenEngel, is acquainted with the problems of homeless and needy people since 2001. With the help of other committed people she could start her own project in June 2015. Our goal is to support homeless people or people with no or a small income. We help those people to find a way back into a normal life. In the last 14 years, Sabine Assmann helped 30 homeless people to find a new home and hopes to increase this number with the help of the association.




Our meeting point "Haus der Strassenengel" is now open! Address: Nordbahnhof, Friedbergerstr. 2, 63452 Hanau

This is a contact point for needy people, especially elderly and homeless people that need help and support. In our meeting point, they can rest, use a PC and a telephone and can be provided with clothes, sanitary products, food and beverages. In cooperation with a hairdresser people can get a haircut and there will be specialists that can repair broken electronic devices. Furthermore, there will be a street ambulance where people can receive medication and medical examination. During the winter, people will be able to sleep in our house. This is very important because homeless people are not allowed to stay in cities for more than one week! This project requires a lot of manpower, material and money. You can donate directly via this website (it's the last point of the navigation): 




At the moment, we look for:


- helpers for our meeting point "Haus der Strassenengel"

- a hairdresser for needy people

- doctors that would treat people who do not have an insurance

- a veterinarian for the pets of needy people

- for events: plastic dishes, tissues, kitchen roll, latex gloves, instant tea and coffee, tea bags, vegetable stock, non-alcoholic beverage, dry food for dogs, vacuum flasks, any kind of food (cakes, salads etc.)





You can find our clothes containers in the following locations:


Hanau Friedbergerstraße 2

Hanau/Steinheim Kreuzweg 1 

Freigericht Altenmitlau Hauptstrasse 9

Bruchköbel Kinzigheimer Weg 81 an der Gaststädte Waldschänke

Bruchköbel Römerstraße 27 ( gegenüber Penny )

Hammersbach Köbler Weg 59 

Erlensee Friedensstraße Ecke Kurt-Schumacher-Str. gegenüber Hausnummer 2

Erlensee Konrad-Adenauer-Str. am Festplatz gegenüber Großsporthalle






The story of Wolfram:


At the beginning of August, I saw a 71-year-old man in my hometown who was crying and looked needy. He told me that he has to sleep on the floor in a crowded men’s hostel where he got robbed. He had no money for food and told me that he lost sight in one eye, that is why he needed glasses and medical treatment. Later on, I found out that he suffers from diabetes and normally needs insulin two times per day. But the women who can provide him with insulin do not come to the men’s hostel. With the help of donations, I could give him fresh clothes and some money, showered him in my own apartment and talked to his caretaker in order to raise awareness for his situation. You helped me to clean the men’s hostel and to cut his hair and shave his beard. Wolfram looks and feels like a new man. He never thought he would end up in a situation like this at the end of his life. He worked until he was 63 and could always take care of himself. He is very thankful and rewards us with his intelligent and funny stories. Eventually, Wolfram could move to an old people's home. We are glad we could help him.